Dr. Nick & Team

Why the Functional Medicine Approach to Chronic Illness?

Dr. Nick’s journey with functional medicine began after helping a family member overcome massive digestive issues. He also helped one of his best friends overcome Lyme disease, and watched his grandfather struggle with colorectal cancer for many years. After all this, he found conviction in learning more about how to get to the “root cause” of health issues and help people heal from chronic illness.

Dr. Nick has a huge passion for nutrition, digestion and the overall “gut.” He specializes in helping clients find nutrition plans that work for them. He is an expert on intermittent fasting and has been fermenting is own foods at home for many years.

Dr. Nick also specializes in helping clients heal from Lyme disease, toxicity, and parasites, along with other chronic illnesses. He believes that the human body has the power to heal itself with the right tools to help along the way. Dr. Nick works virtually with clients all over the world to find the root cause of their issues and work toward a life of health and healing.

In his free time, Dr. Nick likes to stay active doing Crossfit and running marathons (sometimes even ULTRA marathons) with his longest run to date being a whopping 50 miles! He is married to his wife Loretta, has two amazing daughters: Riina (pronounced Rena) and Amelia.

Dr. Nick Ellenson D.C., PSc.D earned his undergraduate degree in biology at Concordia College in Moorhead Minnesota. He then went on to receive his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University.

Dr. Nick has always earned respect and trust through his dependability and sincerity. People rely on Dr. Nick for his calm sense of purpose and he is often referred to by his friends and colleagues as the wise owl.


When coaching with us, you will work directly with one of the doctors and will also have a team of experts working on your case. Dr. Nick, Dr. Jay and Dr. Scott have been friends and colleagues for a decade and meet weekly to collaborate on each of our client cases, and to stay up to date on the latest research.

We all have expert knowledge in working with Lyme disease, drainage, detoxification (such as heavy metal detox), and much more. Beyond that, we each have a few niche areas where we have specialized interests as well.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn” – Benjamin Franklin

Our belief is that you do not need “just another treatment”. You need a coach to guide you through the process of health restoration. We also believe in giving you the knowledge and tools you need to continue your journey of healthy, happy living after working with us so that you no longer have to “rely” on doctors for the rest of your life.

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